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How many broken screens do you see per day? Right! That's why starting with ClearPlex is a must. Within 10 minutes, you can make a strong and invisible screen protector for every device. Transparent ClearPlex film and carbon fiber for ClearPlex can be ordered at Mobileparts.shop! Also available in small packages (5 or 10 pieces).

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Take a look at our selection in the ClearPlex section below. ClearPlex film (transparent) and ClearPlex film (carbon fiber / alligator) are available immediately from our online shop. Take a look at our entire assortment:


A screen protector for every smartphone model without extra stock

ClearPlex is a new technology that lets you create custom screen protection for any smartphone or tablet model. This special film protects smartphones, tablets and smartwatches from scratches. ClearPlex works with a database of more than 4,000 different models, so ClearPlex lets you create a custom screen protector for any mobile device, regardless of which model you use and whether the screen is straight or curved. The only thing you need is:

- ClearPlex ProtectionPro Machine;

- ClearPlex Film


Your benefits when selling ClearPlex

You can provide all models of smartphones, tablets and smartwatches with a screen protector. Suitable for new models as well as for outdated appliances;

You save shelf space and prevent unnecessary stock. The ClearPlex Protection Machine and the ClearPlex Foil are stored behind the counter, out of sight of the customer, making your store look clearer and tidier;

With the ClearPlex Screen Protectors you offer your customers an unique experience and are service-oriented, as each customer receives their own screen protector for their smart device.



Quick Facts ClearPlex

Smartphone icon Customer Experience

A screen protector for every smartphone model, tablet or smartwatch;

Made and confirmed within 10 minutes

 Save space in your store and still offer an extra experience to your customer



Characteristics of the ClearPlex foil

ClearPlex is, in our opinion, the best screen protector on the market! Take a look at the properties of this invisible and unbreakable protective film:

Softens the impact of a fall or impact by as much as 42%, keeping the screen protected;

'Self-healing' which causes scratches and cracks to disappear naturally;

Ultra thin and does not affect the sensitivity of the touch screen;

Long service life because the foil is not fragile.








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