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Mobile Repair Talk ENG is a Facebook group for English speaking repairers and entrepreneurs in the mobile repair industry.

Who is this group for? You are welcome here if you are interested in:
- Smartphone / tablet repairs and everything connected with it
- Starting or running your own mobile repaircompany
- Market developments within the telecom business

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Group rules in the Facebook group:

1.  Keep posts related to the repair industry or retail best practices. This group is a resource for the community. Let’s focus on helping each other out!;
2. Please respect everyone’s views and opinions. Ultimately we are all a part of the same industry, and we should be helping each other.
3. Do not post spam. Spam is anything that is overly repetitive, not related to repair/retail discussions or the industry, or information that is not useful to the community.
4. Do not target a specific person or demographic. Anything considered to be derogatory towards one specific person or a group of people may be deleted. This includes personal slander, as well as racist, sexist, and other derogatory comments targeting a person or specific group of people
5. Don’t flame. If an experience that you have with a brand/company/distributor/service is negative, please try to settle the disagreement privately and in a professional manner before posting about the experience. This group should be a community resource, not a place to vent.
6. Links to relevant information on repair company websites are permitted, provided they are not posted more than once a month. We reserve the right to delete posts without giving a reason.
7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! That’s how we all grow as a community.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION! Suppliers of articles may not advertise their products and services in this Facebook group. Commercial messages from such parties are deleted without giving a reason. After 1 warning we have the right to remove you as a member from the group without giving a reason. Thanks for your understanding.


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